Voice services

Outbound voice services from GreenFingers solutions enable you to increase revenues and expand your market presence by leveraging the 100% digital, fiber-optic greenfingerssolution network. A choice of dedicated or switched services and enhanced routing capabilities support the different needs of both facilities-based and switchless operations.

  • Switched outbound is a high-quality, long-distance service designed specifically for providers who do not maintain their own switches.
  • Dedicated outbound is a flexible, cost-effective voice service for facilities-based providers. Calls originate via dedicated E1 links between your switch and a Greefingerssolution point-of-presence (POP).
  • Dedicated outbound extension enables you to bring the advantages of Greefingerssolution dedicated outbound calling directly to your customers. Calls originate via dedicated facilities between your customers location .

The account codes feature is available for all Greefingerssolution Outbound Voice services. With account codes, you can offer your customers improved security and simplified cost management. A customer-defined code of up to five digits can be entered for each call to track costs by client, project, employee, department or other accounting group. Account codes can be accepted as entered by the caller or validated by Sprint to reduce unauthorized calling.

All outbound services include Greefingerssolution Carrier TransportSM, a powerful invoicing and management reporting platform that makes it easy to create and analyze reports for Sprint services and locations.


  • Greefingerssolution Outbound Voice services offer numerous features that enhance long-distance calls for you and your customers.

Switched Outbound Services

  • Support basic 1+, virtual-banded service origination from domestic equal access areas using existing business lines
  • Provide automatic number identification (ANI) information; ANIs are provisioned via Feature Group D (FGD) switched access from your customers premises through the LEC's central office to the Sprint network
  • Intrastate calls are carried either by Sprint or the LEC

Dedicated Outbound and Dedicated Outbound Extension Services

  • End-to-end digital connectivity with SS7 signaling available
  • Customer-provided or Sprint-provided access
  • FANTM service supports outbound and toll-free services over the same trunk group
  • Integrated T1 access partitioning (ITAP) combines outbound, toll-free, private line and data traffic on the same T1

Two types of accounting codes

  • With basic codes, Sprint authorizes the call based on the number of digits dialed
  • With advanced codes, Sprint blocks the call unless the caller enters an approved code
  • Up to 5,000 advanced codes are available per dedicated access line


  • Sprint Wholesale Outbound Voice service can bring notable advantages to your business.
  • Increase revenues with outstanding network quality
  • Expand market presence without investing in your own facilities
  • Offer customers a choice of outbound services with options for flexible cost accounting and billing
  • Decrease costs for customer care with reduced network problems and automated tools such as Sprint Wholesale DeskTop Manager
  • Improve customer satisfaction through fewer repair requests and faster service provisioning with Sprint Wholesale InfoLink
  • Increase cash flow by gaining greater equipment efficiencies through enhanced call routing capabilities
  • Dedicated outbound extension service helps you deliver a reliable, cost-effective dedicated T1 outbound solution to your customers
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