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Learning & Development, usually part of the HR team, is the generic name for any training and people development that occurs within a company.

“English for All”

English language course for the needy

Duration: 12 weeks (5 days a week)

Learning Objectives:

The course has been designed keeping in mind the basic need of native speakers of English. Learning Objectives of the course are given below :-

  • To help participants develop the skills of the language by listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • To develop participants' proficiency through meaningful and communicative activities.
  • To expand participants' vocabulary and to improve their English grammar.
  • To enable participants to comprehend a reading passage and respond to it appropriately orally or in writing.
  • To help participants develop their proficiency in Written English for all purposes and to train them in speaking English in various real-life situations.
  • To enable the participants to speak English fluently, correctly, fearlessly and freely.
  • To highlight the need for learning English for upward mobility.
  • To make them feel comfortable using English.

In short, having undergone the training, the participant will feel confident about his or her own English proficiency.

Desired Outcomes

Various findings articulate that English Language teaching and learning in the country should raise the language competency of all learners while ensuring that they achieve the best international standards. In this direction, these are the desired outcomes for our participants :-

  • All our participants will be able to use English to express themselves.
  • They should attain foundational skills, particularly in grammar, spelling and basic pronunciation.
  • They should be able to use English in everyday situations and for all functional purposes.
  • The majority of them will attain a good level of competence in both speech and writing.
  • Some in this group who have a flair for the language will find this an advantage in frontline positions and various service industries.
  • At least 20% will attain a high degree of proficiency in English.
  • We can expect a smaller group to achieve mastery in their command of the language that is no different from the best in English speaking countries.


With various books, guides, audio-visuals, group discussions, and numerous classroom assignments, we expect to make the three pedagogical cornerstones, namely, learning, teaching and testing converge in our overall effort to help the participants improve their language proficiency and enable them to communicate better in their work, academic and social life.

Syllabus and Course Structure

  • Our syllabus deals with different areas and components of the language, namely, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Functions and Communication Activities / Discussions.
  • As language learning is an integrated activity, the units in the course material are arranged thematically, each unit consolidating several language skills.
  • This is why the teaching points/topics for individual components are not confined to one single location, but are distributed across each unit. However, the modules flag the individual components quite explicitly, so that the participants should have no difficulty in locating them with the help of the topics shown in the syllabus.

Objectives of the modules

For each section (namely, Reading, Writing, Grammar etc.) the objectives have been spelt out clearly, so that the participants' language needs remain in focus. This will help our teachers translate these objectives into desired learning outcomes.


Most of the thematic content of the language material reflects the global context of the use of English. While familiarity of participants with such contexts is considered to be desirable, our teachers will be free to adapt the language material in various sections to suit the local / regional context and the background of the learner.

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